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Help for Heroes ban donations linked to EDL

“We do not allow political fundraising”

Help for Heroes, a British charity that helps wounded British soldiers have announced that they will not accept any donations from the English Defence League or anyone linked to them.

ay_110918878-e1369678853946EDL leader Tommy Robinson had set up a Just Giving website that had raised £3,300 for British soldiers before it was shut down after talks between the Help for Heroes and the administrators of the website.

Much of that money was donated after Tommy’s announcement of a 17 mile ‘EDL walk’ from Westminster to the scene of Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder in Woolwich.

Help for Heroes founder Bryn Parry said: “We are a non-political organisation and we do not knowingly accept any money from any organisation that could be considered extreme.”

Tommy Robinson was understandably disappointed at the decision but said he will complete the walk regardless.

Talking to Sky News, Tommy said: “I’m shocked that political correctness has managed to find its way to the top of one of our armed forces charities.“

To be honest, I think he has a point.






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